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M Series YB/M Safes Safeguard Your Valuables

YB/M adopts Germany 3D laser cutting technology supplies 360-degree tamper and flat door prevents being opened. Patent dual T bolts increases 200% safety for your values.

Besides, Various opening ways and hidden handles maximally guard your values safe.

A black M series safe.
Safety protection system
<1 mm Flat Door Seam Design

Germany 3D laser cutting technology, 360-degree tamper, flat door prevents being opened.

Front view of YB/M safe in closed state with micro seam.
CCC certificated Door Panel

Solid steel which is more security to anti-drilling, CCC certificate

Side view of YB/M safe in open state and its thickened door panel
Dual T-Type Patented Bolts

Patented Dual T-type bolts greatly increase safety up to 200%.

Intelligent Double Alarm System

5 incorrect password entries or strong vibrations can activate the alarm system. Enter the correct password or fingerprint can stop the alarm.

YB/M safe rings an alarm.
  • YN/M series safe in closed state and its external decorations
    Exterior Design
  • YB/M series gun safe in open state and its internal decorations
    Interior Design
Exterior Design
Eco-Friendly Paint for Better Life & Better Planet

All safe paints are CE and RoHS certified, containing zero formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metals. So, the paints will do no harm to the environment and the human body.

An eco-friendly YB/M safe
Intelligent Technology Brings 4 Opening Ways

Liquid crystal display panel, semiconductor fingerprint biometric technology, 4 open ways, and you can record maximum 32 fingerprints.

  • Password
  • Finger Print
  • Emergent Key
  • Fingerprint + Password
Four opening ways of YB/M series safe.
Vertical Lock & Modern Hidden Handle

Vertical locks have a stronger three-dimensional sense.

The hidden handle perfectly shows modern design which is intelligent and simple.

A detail of hidden handle of YB/M series safe.
LED Lights Design

The LED light opens when the safe door opening, gives you a warm and considerate enjoy

Interior Design
Inner Locking Box for Private Storage Space

The exquisite private inner locking box provide hidden storage for your personal items

Adjustable Shelves for Flexible Storage Space

Luxurious leather covered shelves supply further protection to your valuables. Adjustable shelves' height make storage reasonable and flexible.

Velvet leather Interior

Velvet leather interior appearance supplies high class and elegant enjoy for you life.

The detail of leather interior of YB/M safe.
YB/M series safe with a height of 450 mm
YB/M series safe with a height of 580 mm
YB/M series safe with a height of 680 mm
YB/M series safe with a height of 780 mm
YB/M series safe with a height of 880 mm
Model YB/M-45 YB/M-58 YB/M-68 YB/M-78 YB/M-88
External DIM (mm) 450 × 400 × 360 580 × 420 × 370 680 × 440 × 380 780 × 480 × 430 880 × 480 × 430
Internal DIM (mm) 340 × 385 × 280 450 × 405 × 290 590 × 425 × 300 650 × 465 × 350 770 × 465 × 350
Packing DIM (mm) 550 × 500 × 460 680 × 520 × 470 780 ×540 × 480 880 × 580 × 530 980 × 580 × 530
Door THK (mm) 10 10 10 10 10
Body THK (mm) 6 6 6 6 6
N/W (kg) 35±2 71±2 86±2 105±2 118±2
Shelf (pcs) 1 1 1 2 2
20' FCL (sets) 205 171 139 103 86


Percussive drill is used to drill two holes on the wall.

Step 1

First, measure the distance of the two installed holes and mark the points on the wall you wanna drill. Drill holes on the specified location with percussive drill.

Expansion bolts go through the safe and are screwed into the wall.

Step 2

Let the holes on the back of the safe and be aligned with the predrilled holes on the wall. And then, install expansion bolts.

The safe is perfectly secured to the wall.

Step 3

Screw the expansion bolts and the safe installation is finished.