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YB/Armor Series Gun Safes Well Protect Your Guns and Valuables

High quality gun safe protects your guns from fire and theft and allows you to open it quickly when you need a weapon, just like our Armor Series gun safes. This model has designed for those looking for a little extra storage space. This is a wonderful gun and home safe for a family, avid outdoorsman or collector who is looking for additional fire protection.

A black Armor gun safe
A blue haze Armor gun safe
Blue Haze
Blue Haze
Safety protection system
75 Minutes Fire Protection at 1400 °F

All steel construction and 20 mm fire-resistant layer allow Armor gun safe to provide up to 75 minutes fire protection at 1400 °F.

Armor gun safe remains intact in the fire.
38 mm Solid Steel Latches

Armor gun safe is equipped with 38 mm solid steel latches, sturdy and prying-resistant, thus offering a higher level of security protection.

Armor gun safe is equipped with 38 mm latches.
Intelligent Dual Alarm System

Intelligent dual alarm system will be activated when the following condition:

  • 4 times wrong password attempts
  • Move & hit
The alarm system of Armor series gun safe is triggered.
  • Armor series gun safe in closed state and its external decorations
    Exterior Design
  • Armor series gun safe in open state and its external decorations
    Interior Design
Exterior Design
Eco-Friendly Paint for Better Life & Better Planet

All safe paints are CE and RoHS certified, containing zero formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metals. So, the paints will do no harm to the environment and the human body.

An eco-friendly Armor gun safe
5-Spoke Handle Design

Classic 5-spoke handle design symbolizes that your property security are controlled by yourself.

Armor gun safe 5-spoke handle design
Simple Yet Fashionable Electronic Lock

UL certified electronic lock, simple and elegant, easy operation, guarantees the security and reliability of gun safes.

Armor gun safe UL locking system details
Interior Design
Unique Out Hinge Design

Out hinge design is adopted to allow the door open to 180-dgeree, which makes larger items can be easily stored inside.

Armor gun safe adopts out hinge design.
Unique Back Panel Design Maximizes the Utilization Space

On the back panel, there are 6 pistol bags, 3 bandoliers and 2 accessories bags to maximize the internal space utilization of gun safes.

Armor gun safe back panel display
Armor gun safe with a height of 1829 mm
Model YB/Armor-36
External DIM. (H*W*D) (mm) 1829 × 1067 × 711
Internal DIM. (H*W*D) (mm) 1732 × 970 × 498
N/W (kg) 542.5
Capacity 34–36 guns
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