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YB/FH Series Fire Safes Protect Your Treasured Items from Fire

In our life, there are always some special and important items, such as passports, certificates, house and real estate documents, insurance bills or some special data and media that need to be protected from fire, then you may consider to buy a fire safe. YB/FH series fire safes can provide 60 minutes and 120 minutes fire protection to ensure our valuable item intact even in the worst case.

The side view of YB/FH series safe.
Safety protection system
120 Minutes Fire Protection

According to ISO 1182 testing, our safes can ensure that items inside will not become carbonized or damaged even under up to 1400 °C high temperature for 120 minutes.

A FH safe is still intact in the fire.
Multiple Fire Prevention Design

The body is made of 100 mm multilayer fireproof material and the door is made of 25 mm +25 mm double-layer fireproof materials to keep the high temperature and flame out of the safe.

An opened FH series fire safe
32 mm Solid Steel Latches

32 mm solid steel latches provide higher anti-theft performance than that of 18 mm or 22 mm steel lathes.

A picture shows the details of FH-70 steel latches.
20 Solid Steel Dead Bolts

20 mm solid steel dead bolts inside the door ensure the heavy door more stable.

FH-70 safe is equipped with 4 dead bolts.
Intelligent Dual Alarm System

Intelligent dual alarm system will be activated when the following condition:

  • Enter 3 times wrong password
  • Move & hit
The alarm system of FH series safe is moved.
  • YB/FH safe in closed state and its external decorations
    Exterior Design
  • YB/FH safe in open state and its external decoration
    Interior Design
Exterior Design
Eco-Friendly Paint for Better Life & Better Planet

All safe paints are CE and RoHS certified, containing zero formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metals. So, the paints will do no harm to the environment and the human body.

An eco-friendly FH series fire safe
Classic Intelligent Panel Design, Clear & Safe

The main key hole, LED display and password buttons are perfectly embedded on the black panel, simple and elegant. Besides, the hidden emergency key hole offers a higher security.

FH series fire safe intelligent safe detail
Intelligent Technology Brings 3 Opening Ways For Your Convenient Operation

3 ways to open ranges from simple to complex. It not only meets the home applications, but also suits to offices, banks, jewellery shops, etc.

  • Password
  • Main key + Emergency key
  • Password + Main key
A half-opened FH safe and 3 ways to open
Interior Design
Unique Out Hinge Design

Special out hinge design is adopted to allow the door open to 180-dgeree, which makes larger items can be easily stored inside.

FH series fire safe adopts out hinge design.
Adjustable Shelves for Flexible Storage Space

Adjustable shelves are provided to create one or more flexible storage spaces, making your storage more reasonable and flexible.

YB/FH safe with a height of 700 mm
YB/FH safe with a height of 1000 mm
Model YB/FH-70 YB/FH-100
External DIM. (H*W*D) (mm) 700 × 520 × 490 1000 × 600 × 500
Internal DIM. (H*W*D) (mm) 510 × 330 × 265 800 × 390 × 270
Packing DIM (mm) 780 × 600 × 570 1080 × 680 × 580
Door THK (mm) 50 50
Body THK (mm) 100 100
N/W (kg) 150±2 290±2
Shelf (pcs) 1 2
20' FCL (sets) 115 64
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