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Quality Control

Our Specific Quality Control Checkpoints and Measures

Quality is among the most important aspect of any business as the quality of the products we produce are directly linked to our brand recognition and presence. Therefore, strict quality control and inspection is of great importance because it is the way to assuring that quality products we deliver can live up with customers' expectations.

We have established strict quality control procedures to ensure our safes comply with and even exceed relevant national and international standards. We conduct strict quality control in the following ways.

High quality raw materials

We choose high quality carbon steel plates for safe manufacturing. These solid steel plates have excellent tensile strength to resistant external force collision and force entry. Generally, the thicker the steel plate, the greater the tensile strength and the greater the safe protection. The steel plates we choose for safes can provide excellent prying resistant performance, thereby improving the overall anti-theft performance of our safes.

Precise Steel Plate Cutting

We have introduced advanced laser cutting machine from Germany to ensure that the steel plate is cut into standard sizes with smooth edges and the squareness tolerance are within accepted range. As a result, the seam between the door panel and safe body is controlled within 1 mm to prevent force entry and prying.

Steel Bending and Forming

We have introduced CNC bending and forming machines to make the prepared steel plate for door panel into desired size. Then, our skillful workers will check if the length and width of the bent steel plate meets corresponding requirements to ensure the dimensional accuracy of our safe boxes.

CNC Robotic Welding

We adopt CNC robotic welding to ensure the weld consistency as it can perform precisely the same weld cycle continuously 24 hours a day. In addition, it can hold the safe box to be welded tight and rotate it to desired position during the welding process. Thereby, it can achieve superior welding quality by ensuring the correct welding angle, speed and distance.

Careful Surface Polishing

Our workers adopt hand held electric polishing machines to polish the surface of safe box one by one. As a result, rust and stains on the surface of the safe box are removed and a mirror-like surface is obtained. The polished safe boxes are placed orderly and waiting for putty.

Applying Putty for Smooth Surface

Our workers will apply putty on the surface of the polished safe box for a smooth surface. Check if the putty is evenly applied and make sure the putty is dried before spraying.

Automatic Surface Spraying

We have introduced automatic spraying lines to allow dozens and even hundreds of safe boxes hanging in the line for coating spraying. The whole process is operated by preset program to achieve smooth and even spraying to ensure all safe boxes are coated uniformly and have a smooth and attractive appearance to bring a pleasing feeling to all customers.

General Assembling

We have established professional assembly lines to complete the general assembling of safe boxes. First we assemble door panels and safe bodies together and then place the internal decorations. At the end of the assembling, the lock systems and handlers are installed into safes. The general assembling process is finished.

Inspection Before Packing

When the general assembling process is finished, all finished products will be moved to the finished product area for inspection. Our QC workers will check if there is any defect in safe box surface and if the safe box can work normally. When all the inspection items are completed, qualified products will be moved to the packaging area for package.

Safe Packing

Firstly, all safe boxes will be packed with a layer of wrapping film and then a layer of bubble film to provide better protection against bumps. After that, PE foam will be wrapped on the bubble film and then be put into the carton. Seal the carton, the whole box will be put onto the wooden pellet for packing. Pack the wooden pellet with packing straps, the whole packing process is finished. As a result, the safes are well-packaged to keep all safes in good conditions and prevent all damages during transportation as far as possible.