FAQs About Safes – Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Safe

What is a biometric safe?

Biometric safe, also known as fingerprint safe, refers to any safe with a lock that uses your unique fingerprint to open. It generally can hold many fingerprints and allow you to choose who can access to the safe. All you need to do is scan your fingerprint and the lock will recognize that it is your fingerprint and open the safe.

Are biometric locks secure?

Biometric locks are just as secure as a standard mechanical lock or digital lock. In fact, they are more secure. Because your fingerprints are unique and can not be lost or stolen.

Do biometric locks and electronic digital locks provide the same level of security protection?

Yes. Both locks are certified to comply with the highest security standards and provide an excellent level of protection.

Can I replace the digital keypad with a mechanical lock?

No. Digital locks provide secure and fast access to your valuables. Safes with digital keypads cannot support a mechanical lock because they lack specific features to guarantee protection.

How can I bolt down my safe?

Our safes come along with expansion bolts and fixing holes for your anchoring. It can effectively reduce unauthorized removal of your safe and prevent against theft and burglary.

What size safe should I buy?

We always advise our customers to buy a bigger safe. Generally, you will use a safe for many years and the number of your valuables increases as time goes by. Therefore, a bigger safe is highly recommended.

What kind of lock should I use?

Digital and biometric locks offer biometric access and can be used by many users. While mechanical locks are less convenient but equally safe. Choose what kind of lock only depends on your personal preference.

Are your safes fireproof or waterproof?

No. Our safes are professionally made and design for helping you protect and provide safety for your valued possessions and documents.

Does my warranty cover me if I lost my combination to my safe?

The warranty does not cover lost or forget combinations, improper opening procedures and weak or dead batteries.

What will happen if the batteries are powered off in the electronic digital lock?

Our safe will trigger a low battery warning to remind users to replace the battery in advance. If you forget your battery replacement, don't worry. Our safes are provided with an external battery case to handle this problem.

Do I lose my combination if I change the battery or the battery is powered off?

No. Your combination is stored within the locks computer and will not be affected if you change the battery or if the battery is powered off.

How often should I change my battery?

The frequency that you have to change your battery varies by user. If your use your safe multiple times a day you may have to change your battery more frequently than someone who uses the safe one or two times a week. Generally, we suggest changing the battery of your safe twice a year.

What kind of battery should I use?

We recommend using an all alkaline battery with an expiration date of five years in the future to ensure optimal lock performance.

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